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New Topics for 2020

• Collegiate     • Cinema     • Entertainment

Key Topics from the Agenda


  • What attracts investors and backers looking to build value in the gambling and esports space

  • Risk management for operators: how to maximize the upside

  • Esports and your casino’s entertainment portfolio

  • Been there, done that: advice from the front line

  • Pitch Forum: Start-ups, technology entrepreneurs, and venture capital






  • Compliance 101: what operators need to know 

  • Legal and regulatory update: what operators need to about state, federal, and tribal requirements

  • Skill games and mobile outlook: rules and regulations

  • Esports wagering: what it is, where it’s at, what it means

  • Following the rules: integrity considerations

    • What determines cheating or match fixing?

    • What are the rules for online matches?

    • Who enforces the rules for eSports events and tournaments?





  • Types of technological infrastructure needed to support video gaming with no latency

  • IT to-do list to prepare for a changing market in your property

  • Server security necessary for taking bets on esport matches 

  • Technological upgrades necessary for the development of online esports competitions and peer-to-peer play

  • Immersive experiences

  • VR/AR/MR/3D(holograms) and multiplayer experience



  • Sorting through media coverage and statistics on esports:

  • What is the truth and what isn’t?

  • Where all the money is being made

  • Who invests in esports and why? (Sponsors, etc.)

  • Is esports a bubble?



  • Advances in Artificial Intelligence to challenge players at skill based games.

  • VR/MR and AR games suitable for a casino

  • Latest rules and regulations surrounding skill-based games

  • Configuration, i.e. players facing off virtually vs. next to each other

  • Peer-to-peer play vs. against a computer 

  • Minimizing risk in offering rewards in skill based gaming




  • What types of payments will be made in the casino/esports space

  • Pay in for playing; Payouts for winnings. 

  • Will the casino take a rake or will it also play in tournaments?

  • Cryptocurrency

  • What are future payment systems for betting during esport tournaments. 

  • How “real time” wagering occurs during tournament competitions.

  • Age verification for online play 

  • Cyber-security for payments. 

  • How payments will be regulated online for esports and video gaming





Getting started when starting from zero: 

  • Finding a Tournament Organizer

  • Making the right hospitality choices when hosting gamers

  • Marketing and promotion to build your esports community

  • Leveraging the addition of  regular tournament events to your casino portfolio

New Topics for 2020




  • Creating and implementing a collegiate eSports program

    • Students and eSports: what the NCAA has to say

    • Creating connections: campus and community 

    • First things first: can you do it? Conducting a realistic cost-benefit analysis

    • Integrity matters: sponsorships, partnerships, and compliance

    • Building blocks: curriculum, programs, technology, and players





  • How to make money hosting Esport events

  • Creating and implementing a cinema Esports league

  • How to repurpose your space to host tournaments.

  • How to market to get gamers to your cinema or entertainment center.

  • Becoming part of the Esport community

  • First things first: can you do it? Conducting a realistic cost-benefit analysis

  • What you need to pull it off: curriculum, programs, technology, and equipment.




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