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Pioneering the Future of Gaming and Entertainment

Welcome to CEC Live, where the gaming revolution unfolds across esports and video gaming entertainment, catering to the dynamic landscapes of the casino, college, and cinema industries. In our sixth year, we stand as the forefront conference addressing the legal, policy, and regulatory dimensions of this new form of gaming, entertainment, and wagering.

Our Mission: Elevating Casino Experiences for the Digital Generation

At its essence, every casino seeks a unique theme and caters to specific demographics. However, the evolving customer base, raised in a tech-centric world, craves immersive experiences beyond traditional offerings. To stay relevant, we believe in integrating esports, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, table games, and cutting-edge entertainment to draw today's customers without alienating the existing demographic.

CEC Live: Connecting Industries, Building Futures

CEC Live is a two-day immersive event that bridges the esports and video gaming industries with the casino, cinema, and collegiate worlds. We connect players, marketers, developers, lawyers, and educators to create essential connections, facilitating the infrastructure for establishments looking to incorporate the esports and video gaming phenomenon.

About Us: The Fox Brothers and Our Casino Expertise

For over two decades, the Fox Brothers have been integral players in the casino industry. Over the last six years, they expanded their expertise by creating Gameacon, a series of B-2-B and B-2-C events focusing on video game developers and esports tournaments. Held exclusively in casino venues, Gameacon Events proved the compatibility of these two environments. The Fox Brothers' hands-on approach and deep connections in the esports industry have positioned them as experts, uniquely equipped to guide the casino industry into the esports environment.

Navigating the Landscape: Seizing Opportunities in Esports and Sports Betting

With the recent legalization of sports betting across the US, the stage is set for esports to play a massive role in the industry. The resounding answer to the question, "How do we make money with esports?" is a confident "Yes," guided by the expertise the Fox Brothers have meticulously cultivated.

Join us at CEC Live, where expertise meets innovation, shaping the future of gaming and entertainment for generations to come.

Ari Fox

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Ari Fox: Visionary Leader in Gambling and Gaming Industry.

Ari Fox is a distinguished figure in the gambling and gaming industry, renowned for his innovative ideas and entrepreneurial drive. As a co-founder and creator of Gameacon, the Casino Esports Conference (CEC), and the Gambling Esports and Technology Association (GETA), Ari has demonstrated his commitment to shaping the future of these dynamic sectors.

Key Contributions:

  • Gameacon Founder: Ari's passion for bridging the gambling industry with video gaming culture and emerging technologies culminated in the creation of Gameacon. This annual conference serves as a nexus for professionals from both realms, fostering collaboration and inspiring new opportunities.

  • CEC Co-founder: Recognizing the intersection of casinos, esports, and video gaming, Ari co-founded the CEC. This conference provides a dedicated platform for industry experts to explore synergies and drive advancements in this dynamic space.

  • GETA Founder and CEO: Ari is the driving force behind GETA, an organization dedicated to promoting technology's integration within the gambling industry. Under his leadership, GETA advocates for innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge solutions.

  • Board Member: As an influential board member of, a blockchain-based Esports technology League, Ari contributes his expertise to advance technological initiatives in the esports domain.

Technical Expertise: Beyond conferences and associations, Ari is recognized for his expertise in gambling technology. His focus extends to the technical infrastructure supporting the industry, with a particular emphasis on leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences and fuel business growth.

Vision for the Future: Ari Fox is not only a leader but a visionary who understands the technologies that will shape the future of the gambling and gaming industries. Through his work with Gameacon, CEC, GETA,, and others, Ari is at the forefront of driving innovation and creating new opportunities for businesses in these rapidly-evolving sectors.

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Ben Fox

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Ben Fox: Co-founder and Visionary in Gaming, Technology, and Casino Industry.

Ben Fox stands as a co-founder of Gameacon LLC, boasting an impressive 30-year track record in the casino, technology, and video gaming industry. Under the umbrella of Gameacon LLC, his subsidiaries GETAglobal and CECLive drive innovation by seamlessly integrating immersive technology, AI, VR, and MXR into the casino landscape, engaging a younger demographic with cutting-edge experiences.

Key Contributions: Ben's entrepreneurial flair and creativity shine through as he spearheads projects that redefine the intersection of technology and entertainment. With a robust network of advisors and mentors, he leverages decades of experience to bring visionary ideas to life, demonstrating a unique ability to navigate logistics creatively, even within resource constraints.

Consulting Expertise: With extensive consulting experience, Ben plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in overhauling their current technology offerings to stay relevant in the dynamic gaming landscape. His vast network of connections and strategic instructions provide valuable insights for businesses seeking to connect with a younger demographic.

Expanding Horizons: Under Ben's leadership, Gameacon LLC has expanded its footprint to prominent venues in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New York, and Southern California. CECLive, the innovative event born from Gameacon LLC, serves as a nexus for leaders in the casino and esports industries. Together, they collaborate to shape the future of casino esports, leveraging the latest advancements in immersive technology, AI, VR, and MXR.

Ben Fox's legacy is one of innovation, strategic vision, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the gaming, technology, and casino industry.

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