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Mission Statement

At its core, every casino has its theme and the demographics to which it caters. But today's, and the future's customers of the casino industry have grown up in a very technical world.  They believe in different philosophies and look for an overall immersive experience to entice them to leave the comfort of their home. To draw this customer we must create this experience for future generations in the casino. We must give visitors a reason to get excited about coming back again and again. In this new casino world, we see the offering eSports, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, table games and new forms of entertainment to be the answer to drawing today's customer without alienating a casino's current base demographic.

About Us

     The Fox Brothers have worked in the casino industry for over twenty-two years.  Over the last six years, they have expanded their purview into the creation of multiple events focusing on video game developers and eSport tournaments at a B-2-B and B-2-C event called Gameacon. Gameacon Events are held exclusively in casino venues proving that the two environments are ultimately compatible. In the course of creating this necessary outlet for the gamer community, the Fox brothers have forged relationships with people in the eSport industry with their expert hands-on approach to all levels of this emerging market. Their insight and connections have provided the unmatched expertise needed to help the Casino industry grow the roots of the solid foundation they will need to enter into the esports environment. Working within both worlds for so many years allows the Fox Brother's a unique ability to see a way forward towards forging a symbiotic partnership between eSports and casino venues that must change to draw this millennial generation and beyond. 


    With the legalization of sports betting across the US, the ground is set now more than ever for eSports to be a massive part of this picture.  The question that everyone is asking, "Yes, but how do we make money with eSports?" is a resounding "Yes" with the help of the expertise the Fox brothers have developed.

The Team

Ben and Ari Fox are the co-founders of Fox Marketing, LLC. Fox Marketing was founded in 1998 and is the parent company of Gameacon, GameaconX, and the Casino eSport Conference.  Gameacon and the Casino eSport Conference aim to help solve the problem of the aging-out of traditional casino demographics by replacing it with eSports related activities and betting of more relevance to a population losing interest in gambling. 


The Fox Brothers bring to the table more than 25 years of innovation and marketing experience around the casino industry.  Fox Marketing began with advertising on bus schedules.  Realizing that this industry desperately needed modernization, they invented and programmed a unique online-based ticketing system which revamped the sale of bus tickets in Atlantic City.


Recognizing the negative effect of changing demographics on the casinos' demographics, they applied their association with game developers and Tournament Organizers to shift their company's focus towards the integration of esports and video gaming into the casino industry.  To this end, they co-created Gameacon, GameaconX Tournament Series, and the Casino eSport Conference.  


For the last five years, Gameacon has brought a video gaming event and esport tournaments to casino venues in Atlantic City. Gameacon expanded in short order to Las Vegas and New York.  The Casino eSport Conference brings together industry leaders in both the Casino and esport sectors to educate, network and plan the future of casino esports. It is the only event of its kind. 

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Ari Fox

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Ari is an excellent salesman, public speaker, and tenacious networker. He has spent the last decade immersing himself in the study of the esport and video gaming industries so as to develop the keen foresight necessary to enable him to recognize and bring together the essential players to make his company's vision a success.     

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Ben Fox

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Ben brings his 28 years of entrepreneurial experience and creativity along with his powerful network of advisors and mentors to all of his projects.  His strength lies in his ability to think outside the box. He not only comes up with innovative solutions to problems, but he also has a unique ability to creatively finesse logistics to bring those innovations to life with even the most minimal resources.

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