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Welcome to GAC Event Management's Subcontracting Agreement sign-up! By completing this form, you're taking the first step towards joining our network of trusted partners in revolutionizing the gaming and gambling industry. Our Subcontracting Agreement allows us to collaborate with skilled professionals like you to deliver top-notch services in esports tournament organizing, marketing assistance, and community building for our clients. Your expertise is essential in helping us provide innovative solutions to casinos and gambling establishments, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly evolving market. Thank you for considering partnering with us to make a significant impact in the world of gaming and entertainment.

These are the services among other responsibilities that you are expected to include, they are as follows;

Scope of Work:

  • Equipment Rental

  • Input for Marketing Suggestions

  • Meetings

  • Running Day of Event

  • Streaming via Twitch or Streaming Network

  • Event Space Design with Gameacon, LLC

  • Tech Specifications

Thanks for submitting!

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