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Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2023


(All Times are Pacific Standard Time)
at Alexis Park Resort Grand Ballroom
375 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169

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Schedule Day 1 CEC-U:

1:00 PM

Registration Open / Badge pick up - Q & A 

  • Enjoy, and Welcome to the CEC 2023


IT design for better cyber security and ransomeware

2:00 PM

Peerless AV / Unilumin / PSX-Inc

Equipment and design that create immersive technical entertainment for your property

3:00 PM

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

Connect your igaming platforms to Include Esports

Taught by Matthew Toler, Senior Gaming Technology

Advisor.  Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

4:00 PM

Why Immersive Experiences are here to stay - Field Trip to Illuminarium LV! Bus leaves the hotel at 4:45 PM from Alexis Hotel & Resort

Speakers on this panel:

Brian Allen Illuminarium, Allison Stubberud 


CEC-U Schedule
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See our teaser sneak peek video for the day one field trip below! 

Day 2 CEC

Schedule Day 2 CEC:

9:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

  • Registration Open / Badge pick up  

  • Enjoy, and Welcome to the CEC 2023

10:00 AM

Review  of Esports and video gaming culture this past year and the state of the industry

  • What is esports and how is it useful to my property or online casino

  • Why is it so popular and what are the mistakes I should know about

  • Why does it matter to the gambling industry that it should have anything to do with esports

  • How do I get started in creating this offering

  • Streaming and influencers how do they fit in

Speakers on this panel:

Christian Bishop, David Chen, Ahman Green (Virtual), Ben Feferman, Ernest Stevens

11:00 AM

Cyber security, Blockchain, and the volatility of digital markets and currencies.

  • What do these terms mean?

  • Does this matter to my business?

  • Breaking it all down and how this started.

  • How can I use it or don't use it?

  • The FTX collapse, is crypto for real?

  • Other uses for Blockchain technology

Speakers on this panel:

Jason Chung (Virtual), Joe DePinto,  ,John Mendoza, Daniel Carrasco

12:00 PM



1:00 PM

Keynote ~ Next passion

after soccer by Vlastimil,

CEO of

1:30 PM

What is Web 2, Web 3, and The Metaverse? Does the Metaverse matter?

  • Web 2 is defined as user-generated content - How can I create my own version of Web 2 or what are the best ways I can utilize some other platform?

  • Web 3 What is web 3? Is this a new type of internet built on blockchain and should I create my own space using blockchain?

  • Where can I go to get help to become part of a metaverse?

  • Gamification in the Metaverse   

Speakers on this panel:

John English, Keith Waggoner, Mark Thomas, Thomas Christopher, Jeff Lippert

2:30 PM

Cannabis Industry and Getting into the Business

  • Political, and Legal Issues

  • Legalization of Cannabis on Tribal Lands and Casino locations

  • Operating a Marijuana Business    

  • Regulating The Cannabis Businesses

Speakers on this panel:

Chris LaPorte, Steve Gardner, Reggie Harris, Lamont "Supreme" Compton, Sheldon Cooper

3:30 PM

Technologies to entertain visitors in your brick-and-mortar and in igaming

  • Do I use this technology for pure entertainment?

  • What are some of the other uses I can use this technology for

  • How can or should I use this technology with my new metaverse product

  • Immersive experiences and how to implement

  • Sight and Sound and its effects on connecting to a younger audience

  • AR/VR/MX 

Speakers on this panel:

Megan Zeller, Brian AllenAllison Stubberud  Louis Alfieri, Jeff Lund, Thomas Kachnik

4:30 PM

State Regulators and how they are dealing with advancing technology

  • What is the gap between regulators and how they deal with technological advancement?

  • How can tech advancements and state regulators close the gaps?

  • How will the department of gaming regulators adopt advancements in technology?

Speakers on this panel:

Anthony Strangia, Deputy Attorney General,

Jan Jones Blackhurst, Brian Lessman, Michael Morton, Seth Schorr

5:30 PM

Keynote ~ Jan Jones Blackhurst

Executive Director, UNLV Black Fire Leadership Initiative Caesars Entertainment Board of Directors Chief Executive in Residence, UNLV International Gaming Institute

6:30 PM


Vlastimil Venclik CEO

9:00 AM


10:00 AM

Ai & Blockchain

  • How can this new technology help regulators track players and gamblers

  • How can Blockchain make it safer for players?  

  • What is the blockchain, and what are its uses for your business      

Speakers on this panel:

Kendall Hartley, Thomas Christopher, Sean Chatman, Bruce Merati

11:00 AM

Wagering on Esports

  • What is taking so long for it to catch on?
    Why haven't publishers sat down with the gambling community to chart a path for business    

  • The Trinity for publishers - make one game with three different versions -
    1. E for everyone 2. 18 and older for the gambling communities 3. a professional version for the pros    

Speakers on this panel:

Anthony Strangia, Deputy Attorney General, John Dulaly, Vlastimil, Anthony Gaud (Virtual)Paris Smith

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Marketing to a younger demographic

  • What are platforms like Discord and Tiktok and how do I integrate into them since most young people are ALWAYS online what are the best ways to reach them?

  • What kind of content should I post?

  • What activities should I place at my brick-and-mortar and online casino
    What are the different communities?

Speakers on this panel:

Lukas Eggan, David Chen, Jay Bednar

Ahman Green (VIRTUAL), Christian Bishop

2:00 PM

What are the top easiest video games to adopt to take peer to peer wagering?

  • Racing games, Simulated sports, VR/AR

  • Online tournaments

  • Live-in-person tournaments

Speakers on this panel:

Anthony Gaud (Virtual), Mike Darley, Seth Schorr, Ben Fefferman

3:00 PM

Influencers and Streaming on social media

  • What is this and why do I need to implement this into my business?

  • Who are the most well-known influencers today?

  • What are the best platforms to stream content?        

Speakers on this panel:

Zack Pearlstein, Lukas Eggan, Laurie Locklier, Sheldon Cooper

4:00 PM

Technology and trends move fast how do I stay ahead?

  • Hiring staff a tech-savvy staff

  • Hiring video gaming cultured staff

  • Know your audience

  • Know what is trending and make your own trends for others to follow

Speakers on this panel:

Paul Stevens, Jay Bednar, Andrew Weilgus (Virtual), Louis Alfieri

5:00 PM

Why responsible gaming measures by the industry will make it more successful with a younger audience

  • Distrust from younger players  

  • Transparency and honesty

  • Limiting addictive behavior for the customer's best interest

  • Why being a responsible business will earn you a customer for life

  • A good experience is vital for younger people.    

Speakers on this panel:

Bo Grey, Jamison Selby, Bill Coley, Karen Russo, Bill Pascrell, Charles Oakley

Schedule Day 3 CEC:

Day 3 CEC
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