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November 6 & 7, 2023


(All Times are Eastern Standard Time)
Resorts Hotel and Casino

Atlantic City New Jersey


Schedule Day 1:


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2:00 PM

With record gross revenue generated for sports wagering, where are the record profits?

  • How can sports wagering leverage the data with technology?

  • Let's examine the size and overhead of some of the bigger sports wagering companies.

  • Is there an issue within the sports wagering business that prevents higher profits?

  • What are some esports wagering businesses doing to reduce expenses?

2:30 PM

iGaming started over 20 years ago. How can it adopt higher, more advanced technology to build for the future?

  • Does esports have a place in iGaming?

  • How can it be integrated into the current platforms for iGaming?

  • Aggregators and affiliates for esports wagering through iGaming platforms.

3:00 PM

Cyber security is vital as we expand gambling. What are some of the pitfalls and mistakes made in adopting cybersecurity?

  • How can blockchain assist?

  • How can AI assist?

3:30 PM

Mainstream media claims that the esports bubble has burst. Is this true?

  • What is the future of esports and its relation with gambling?

4:00 PM

Executive Discussion 

How Casinos are managing and focusing on the new younger customers 21 and up.

4:30 PM

Sports wagering keeps building. What or how can iGaming, along with sports wagering products, work together?

  • Merging the worlds of sports wagering and iGaming. What will this look like for the consumer? Does more choices mean more revenue for operators?

  • How can iGaming improve their odds of repeat customers?

5:00 PM

Identifying positive trends in esports and what this means for the future

  • Prevention of negative trends and what we can learn from the past


Schedule Day 2:

10:00 AM

What are some at-home and on-property tech that can enhance the experience for younger audiences in sports wagering and iGaming?

  • Are bigger screens the answer at sportsbooks?

  • VR/AR/MX. Immersive experiences. Amusement experiences.

11:00 AM

Promotions and offers to bring online users into the brick-and-mortar. What are some good ideas?

  • How can playing online convert to playing in brick and mortar?

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Law panel discussion


2:00 PM



3:00 PM

Integrity, authenticity, and responsibility are words we hear over and over. Let's discuss why.

  • Responsible gaming.

  • Integrity.

  • Authenticity.

  • What do these words mean to the industry, and what do they mean for the future?

  • Does this mean there needs to be cultural changes in the workplace for gambling establishments?

  • What are some steps the gambling industry has done that back this up? What are some of the steps the gambling industry needs to take to be more aligned with these concepts?

4:00 PM

Diversity and inclusion

  • Women in the "gaming" space. What are some of the ways this can be improved upon for better roles?

  • Building a larger database in the gaming industry to improve better relations with all genders and races.

  • How does religious belief play into the offerings of casino properties?

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