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Bridging the Divide: Uniting Esports, Entertainment Technology, and Online Gaming/Land-Based Venues

CEC stands as the unrivaled event seamlessly connecting the worlds of esports, entertainment technology, and online gaming/land-based venues. It's not just an event; it's a transformative experience where esports enthusiasts, gaming professionals, and entertainment technology specialists converge to explore the limitless potential for expanding revenue and fostering growth in the convergence of these dynamic industries. Our speaker lineup features visionaries from every corner of the esports ecosystem, gaming publishers, and leaders in technological entertainment ecosystems. Together, they engage in discussions that shape the blueprint for the next generation's gaming environment, ensuring a future of unparalleled play.

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Solutions for Casinos: Unlocking Opportunities with Esports

Benefit: Esports represents a gateway of opportunities for casinos and venues seeking to introduce innovative features to a challenging demographic. Engage with the experts who can turn these possibilities into reality. Gain insights from the esports community and technological/interactive designers on the most effective strategies to market, influence, and comprehend your newfound demographic. Seize the chance to learn, collaborate, and elevate your approach with the guidance of those at the forefront of esports and technology.

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Navigating the Evolving Legal and Regulatory Landscape of Online Esport Wagering

Benefit: As online Esport wagering gains increasing global acceptance, navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape becomes paramount. Dive into this intricate subject by learning directly from the top legal minds within the industry. Arm yourself with the knowledge to confidently navigate the regulatory minefield, positioning yourself for success in unlocking new revenue streams. Stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions as you delve into the intricacies of online Esport wagering.

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The Future of Gaming Unveiled: Welcome to Esports and Tech Entertainment

Benefit: The potential of esports is a burgeoning revelation in the gaming industry. As awareness grows, the question becomes: How do we harness this potential effectively? CEC is the catalyst, bringing together the right minds to delve into actionable strategies and business plans that mutually benefit both markets. Engage in focused development sessions and utilize our platform to forge relationships that define the future. CEC emerges as the benchmark event, propelling new-business growth in the dynamic landscape of gaming. Join us as we pave the way for the future of gaming with esports and tech entertainment at the forefront.


Operators: Maximizing Revenue and Engagement

  • Land-based: Discover strategies to drive increased revenue, traffic, and Return on Engagement (ROE) through the dynamic world of eSports events and wagering. Uncover the keys to leveraging this booming industry to enhance the overall experience for your audience and boost your bottom line.

  • Online-based: Unlock the potential for heightened revenue in the online realm through eSports events and wagering. Dive into insights and techniques tailored to the digital landscape, ensuring that your online operations thrive in the ever-expanding world of eSports. Gain the knowledge needed to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving market.


Suppliers: Creating Revenue Opportunities Through Networking and Partnerships

  • Connect with Operators for Revenue Opportunities: Forge valuable connections with operators to unlock a myriad of revenue opportunities. Explore collaborative ventures that not only expand your network but also contribute to the growth and success of your offerings within the dynamic realm of gaming and esports.

  • Solidify Partnerships: Build enduring partnerships that propel your business forward. Strengthen relationships with operators and industry leaders, establishing a foundation for mutually beneficial collaborations. Through strategic alliances, discover new avenues for growth and innovation, ensuring your position as a key player in the evolving landscape of gaming.


Esport Event Organizers: Unlocking Sponsorship Opportunities and Collaborative Benefits

  • Discover Sponsorship Opportunities: Delve into a realm of potential as an Esport Event Organizer. Uncover valuable sponsorship opportunities that not only elevate your events but also foster fruitful partnerships with key players in the gaming industry. Learn the art of securing sponsorships that enhance the overall experience for participants and sponsors alike.

  • Collaborate with Gaming Operators: Explore the benefits of collaboration with gaming operators. As an Esport Event Organizer, establish connections that go beyond sponsorships. Learn how strategic partnerships with gaming operators can amplify the impact of your events, creating a win-win scenario for organizers, operators, and participants.


“If you are a casino operator and you are trying to figure out how to approach esports, and you want to hear from the people that are actually doing it, then this is the place that you want to be at.”

Melissa Blau | Director | IGaming Capital

“The Casino eSport Conference is a really great venue for people who are wanting to learn more about the esport industry, whether its from a legal perspective, and operations perspective, or a design perspective.”


Michael J. Kurcab | Regional Director | Design Consulting, AVC - Electrosonic

“You got to see what’s next. You got to see what the next generation is going to bring to the table and more importantly you’ve got to see how things are going to be changing from what they are to what they are going to be.”

Thomas A. Wucherer | Founding Partner | YWS Design and Architecture

“What I really enjoy about the conference today was the depth of conversations during the sessions. Its really good to connect the smart people in this conference. They just really nailed it.”

Paolo Werbrouck | Director of Technology | PlayDigital Innovation Lab at IGT

“If you are considering to come next year, and you think there is any type of future for your industry and your business with either esports or the casino industry, I would definitely recommend it.”

Ragen Rector | Account Executive | SCA Promotions

“Meeting and having discussions with professionals involved in eSports is invaluable. With the meeting of minds of gaming veterans and up-and-comers alike the community furthers its authenticity and partnership opprotunities across all fields of eSports. SaberVR has found massive success in connections and in knowledge acquired for our business to continue to grow and excel. We excitedly look forward to our next endeavors and cannot wait to see where eSports will go next. “

Khalid Jones | CEO | SaberVR

“My favorite thing about the esports conference is that I have four pages of notes. Checking out all these companies and what they do, it’s just been very educational.”

Michael Shorrock | Vice President | PlayDigital Innovation Lab at IGT

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