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There is No Such Word as 'igaming' in the World of Esports

The Rise of Egaming: A Paradigm Shift in the Casino Industry
In the ever-evolving world of gaming, a new term has emerged that promises to revolutionize the casino industry: Egaming. While many are familiar with the term igaming, which refers to online slots and games, Egaming represents a broader and more inclusive concept. This article explores the key differences between igaming and Egaming, highlighting the immense potential and popularity of the latter.
Understanding the Terminology:
Igaming, short for internet gaming, has long been associated with online platforms and activities. However, in today's interconnected world dominated by smartphones, tablets, and various other devices, the term internet seems somewhat outdated. Enter Egaming—a term encompassing any form of amusement or recreation involving stand-alone video games, desktop computers, or online platforms with multiplayer capabilities. By adopting this more generic and inclusive term, the casino industry can better tap into the vast market of enthusiastic gamers.
The Power of Numbers:
To comprehend the significance of this shift, let's delve into the statistics. Currently, there are 1.6 billion people who gamble worldwide at casino and online a sizable community in its own right. However, when we consider the number of Egamers at 3.09 billion, we realize the magnitude of its potential untapped market size by focusing solely on igaming. Egaming caters to a larger portion of the general population, encompassing the massive audience that engages with video games, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and emerging web3 technologies.
A Cross-Section of Popularity:
The crux of the matter lies in the intersection between Egaming and the most popular games on the planet. These games often overshadow the existing offerings in the igaming sphere, both in terms of user engagement and revenue generation. By embracing Egaming, the casino industry can align itself with the monumental success and widespread appeal of these games, ensuring a more relevant and captivating experience for players.
Appealing to Existing Audiences:
It is crucial to communicate using terminology that resonates with the target audience. In the realms of video games, VR, AI, and web3, the term "igaming" may be unfamiliar and even foreign. To foster a seamless crossover connection between these industries and the casino sector, adopting the term "Egaming" becomes imperative. By doing so, a universal understanding can be achieved, ensuring that the potential of this rapidly growing sector is fully realized.
The advent of Egaming represents a paradigm shift within the casino industry. By embracing this all-encompassing term, casinos can tap into the massive market of Egamers, effectively expanding their reach and appeal. With the numbers speaking for themselves and the undeniable popularity of the most widely played games, the time has come for the casino industry to fully embrace the power of Egaming. By doing so, they will not only cater to existing gaming enthusiasts but also attract new players from the vast pool of eager gamers worldwide.

By Ben Fox 5/24/2023


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