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Benjamin Fox

Arieh Fox

Dates: MARCH 19-21, 2024

CEC Live California


Rancho Mirage. 32-250 Bob Hope Drive Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Price CEC Live:

Late Sign Up $1099



Benjamin Fox

Arieh Fox


Press Release: Unveiling the Future of Gaming at the Casino Esports Conference (CEC)

Description: Prepare for a groundbreaking experience as the Casino Esports Conference (CEC) unveils its three-day hands-on event, transcending the boundaries of the gaming industry. This immersive gathering connects the realms of casino, cinema, and collegiate industries directly to esports players, marketers, developers, legal experts, and educators. With a forward-thinking approach, CEC introduces cutting-edge gaming MX options, providing an unparalleled platform for gaming establishments to explore and incorporate the latest advancements.

Tagline: For the Future of Gaming

Key Features:

  • Expert Panel Discussions: Immerse yourself in intensive panel discussions led by industry experts, unraveling the latest trends and insights that shape the future of gaming.

  • Expo Extravaganza: Explore a dynamic expo featuring esports, iGaming, skill-based slot companies, VR, AR, MR, tournament organizers, and esports team owners. Witness the future of gaming unfold before your eyes.

What Makes Us Different: CEC stands as a unique intersection of the Casino, Cinema, Collegiate Industries, and the esports and MX worlds. This two-day intensive conference is a trailblazer, offering a comprehensive expo that equips attendees with the tools needed to implement immediate and impactful changes. We aren't just an event; we're the catalyst for industry evolution.

Connect with Us:

Contact: Benjamin Fox

Arieh Fox

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